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Recover permanently deleted photos : Nowadays we all love to make memories and store them in our device, don’t we? They can be photos, videos or snapshots. All those memories are really precious. But what if they all accidentally get deleted from your phone?

Don’t worry there are some apps which help you to get back your lost data.

Article name Recover permanently deleted photos
Apk name DiskDigger photos Recovery
Released on 03 june 2012
Size 3.74 MB
Offered by Defiant Technologies, LLC

DiskDigger is one of those apps!

How to recover permanently deleted photos on iPhone

Best DiskDigger App for Recover photos 

But how does DiskDigger work for recover permanently deleted photos.

With the help of brute force, DiskDigger retrieves traces of deleted files and works its way through the nooks and corners of the storage media. DiskDigger can also scan unformatted devices for deleted data.

How To recover permanently deleted photos Using DiskDigger App

Step-1: Search DiskDigger App in Play Store. Type DiskDigger in the search bar of Play Store and then click on the search icon on your keyboard.

If your device is not rooted then DiskDigger can only find photos that are cached or stored in other places. Despite the ban, you will almost certainly see hundreds of “deleted” photos.

Step-2: Click on Diskdigger Photo Recovery. This will take you to the official page of DiskDigger on Play Store.

Step-3: Hit Install. This makes the app installation successful. You can now find the DiskDigger app in your app drawer.

Step-4: Open DiskDigger. Click on the green button marked as open if you are still in the App Store otherwise click on the hard drive-like icon in your app drawer.

Step-5: Click on START Basic Photo Scan. You will find it at the top of the screen, after clicking it the app will start showing all the deleted photos. Now, tap on the Settings icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Step-6: Choose a date range. You can skip this step if you are not looking for the particular photo.

Step-7: Now click on OK. And select the photos you need. Select the photos you need from the group of photos or click Select All if you want all the photos.

Step-8: Choose a location to store your restored photos. After selecting an option go with the on screen instructions to recover photos to the selected location.

Select location to download

  • Select an app on your device, such as your email app, Google Drive, or Dropbox, by tapping the cloud symbol with an arrow.
  • To save the photos to a folder on your tablet or phone, tap the folder icon.
  • If you have access to an FTP server, you can save files to it by tapping the up-pointing arrow.

End words

Kiman is sure that this article help you know about to recover permanently deleted photos.

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